Our low pressure geyser has a capacity of 100l and is constructed of alluminium. Evacuated borosilicate glass tubes of 1600mm x 47mm with AI-N/AI selective coating and 25mm hail resitant is used. This geyser is ideal for use where water is supplied f

  As providers of both flat panel and evacuated tube collectors we will discuss flat panel systems vs evacuated tube systems in this section.  A flat panel system is not a frost resistant system, and therefore should be used as an indire

Evacuated tube solar water heating is the newest form of solar water heating.          Evacuated tube solar water heating is rapidly becoming the number one choice of solar water heating worldwide.  Evacua

We have leading edge technology yet at most competitve prices. All our systems are direct split or close coupled and based on technology developed by Tagex, our german based partner, and widely used throughout Europe and the world at large. As the

  Tasol solar offers both evacuated tube as well as flat panel solar water heating solutions.   Flat panel solar water heating is an older technology solution.  These flat panel systems are less effective than evacuated tube syste

Our Flat Panel technology is offered in high presure systems.  We have sizes of 150L, 200L and 250L capacity.  These systems are used in combination with an indirect solar geyser.  These systems use an anti-freeze substance which needs

  A retrofit solar system refers to the conversion of an electrical geyser to a solar system.  A retrofit flange is usually fitted to a Kwikot geyser.  On other brands of geysers an injector is built-up.  When an existing geyse

  A solar geyser is the vessel in which the water is heated for solar applications.  Solar geysers are similar to electrical geysers, there are however some differences.  All solar geysers are usually IPX4, meaning that the solar geys

  A solar circulating pump is used on split-pumped systems to circulate the water from the geyser which is located at a level lower than the collector through the collector and back into the geyser.  The solar circulating pump is driven by

  Eskom rebates can also be known as Eskom subsidies.  An Eskom rebate is a subsidy paid by Eskom back to the client for removing electricity demand from the Eskom grid.  Currently Tasol solar has various systems registered and accr

Tasol solar specialises in solar geysers.  Our solar geyser technology has been in SA for a long time already.  Solar geysers comes in two main configurations:  Direct solar geyser systems and indirect solar geyser systems. A direct

Tasol solar specialises in solar water heating.  Our solar water heating technology has been in SA for a long time already.  Solar water heating comes in two main configurations:  Direct solar water heating systems and indirect solar w