These PV panels have mono crystaline cells and are generally black or very dark blue in color.They are considered to have higher efficiency than Poly Crystaline PV panels at 17% efficiency and if installed correctly they provide excellent results. Op

These PV panels have poly crystaline cells and are distinctly blue with a marble like appearance.Poly crystaline PV panels are popular due to their appearance although efficiency is marginally lower than the poly crystaline type.Open current rate is

Amorphis PV panels are only available in 5,5w (W 300mm x H 500mm) and 14,5w (W 300mm x H 1000mm) charging capacities.Output is approximately 0,4a/h from the 5,5w panel and 0,8 to 1a/h from the 14,5w panel.These panels are low cost and is intended for