Batteries are available in 12v with size expressed in amp hour..
Calcium maintenance free and lead acid batteries are available and are deep or high cycle types. Deep cycle or high cycle batteries are manufactured for use with solar systems or for back up electricity supply such as uninterrupted power supply systems.
The life span of a battery is dependant upon how well it is cared for, if regularly exposed to high withdrawal in excess of 30% of it's capacity (amp rating) or due to lack of maintenace the battery life may be substantially shortened.
The use of a relaible regulator is important to ensure that the battery is not overcharged as this may cause irreversible damage.
The rate (amps) at which recharging is done is also important as fast charging in excess of 10% (as a rule of thumb) of the battery's amp rating should be avoided.
It is important to select the right type and size of batteries for the application and proper calculation of amp requirement and duration of supply thereof must be taken into consideration.
Deltec Calcium Maintenace Free and Exide Lead Acid batteries are available in 40, 96 and 102 a/h sizes.
We also stock sealed 6v 4a/h and 12v 7a/h lead acid batteries.