Tasol solar offers heatpump technology.  A heatpump works like a reversed airconditioner.  The heatpump works by cooling down the atmospheric air, but the heatpump will release the cold air and retain the hot air.  This hot air is then used by the heatpump, where it is transferred to the water.

The heatpump is an ideal solution for places where solar options are not viable or effective, eg stack unit flats.  The heatpump can be fitted against a side wall or on the roof of building.  The heatpump should preferrably not be placed to far from the geyser.

The heatpump can be used on both new and existing geysers.

The domestic heatpump does the same work a 4000 watt element would do, but uses only 800 watt to perform the task.  This results in an energy saving of approximately 75%.

Heatpumps are ideally used in combination with solar water heating panels.

Heatpumps are also ideal solutions in situations where hot water usage is variable, eg guesthouses.  The heatpump will provide hot water any time of the day and under any weather condition.

The heatpump runs with low noise levels and no air pollution.

The heatpump also offers a smart controlling device making the heatpump simple to self program.

Our heatpumps are available in Industrial, Commercial options as well.