Tasol Solar Pretoria is a solar solutions company. We specialise in renewable energy solutions.

We have a variety of economical, yet effective solar geyser solutions as well as solar PV components.

We also provide and install Heatpump technology.

Our products are developed for the South African climate and manufactured using German technology. 

Tasol Solar is the South African trading partner of Tagex Technischer Handel GmbH & Co. KG, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of tube collectors, situated in Germany, Europe.

Tasol Solar together with Tagex Technischer Handel GmbH & Co. KG concluded an exclusive agreement for the distribution rights on their products for Sub-Saharan Africa and Western Europe.

Since 2005, Tagex Technischer Handel GmbH & Co. KG has been selling and distributing a complete solar-thermal energy conservation range under theTasol brand, consisting of tube collectors, solar stations with integrated pump, and electronic controls. All our products carry a five-year guarantee.

Tasol Solar has at its disposal 68 distributors and 4 branches in strategic areas.





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