Inverters (also referred to as converters) are required for conversion of 12v input to 220/230v output for providing electrival current for many domestic and other electrical appliances.
Inverters are manufactured in different sizes expressed in watt rating. It is important to note that there are square wave and sine wave inverters with the latter being more expensive due to their ability to provide an electrical wave similar to that provided from national grids.
It is important to ensure that the inverter's size (watt rating) and electrical wave is correct for the provision of current to start and efficiently run the apparatus attached thereto.
Damage to the inverter and/or the appliance can be caused by incorrect sizing.
Inverters are available in square wave 150w, 200w, 330w, 660w, 1000w, 1500w and 2000w and in sinewave 800w to 100,000w sizes.

We now also distribute the Su Kam inverter/UPS range.