We have leading edge technology yet at most competitve prices.
All our systems are direct split or close coupled and based on technology developed by Tagex, our german based partner, and widely used throughout Europe and the world at large.
As there is no risk of damage by temperatures below zero we do not make use of anti freeze substances such as glycoll to avoid this risk.
Our 150l and 200l collectors have been approved by SABS and we also have 2 systems which qualify for Eskom incentive rebates.
The 150l collector contain 16 and the 200l contain 20 evacuated borosilicate glass tubes of 1800mm length and 57mm diameter and 2mm thickness with hail resistance of 37cm diameter. The number of tubes relative to collector size is based on South African climatic conditions.
The inner copper transfer components (copper heat pipes) are filled with distilled water which when heated turn into steam with the result that high heat and transfer efficiency is achieved.
On the close coupled systems the heat generated is transferred directly to the inner heat absorber of the geyser.
On the split units the heat transfer is via a manifold through which the water from the geyser is circulated.
We can convert existing geysers to solar heating or supply complete new systems.
The use of a solar pump is dependant upon whether the geyser is installed above or below the solar collector (panel).
If the geyser is mounted above the collector a pump is unnecessary as circulation is effected by thermo syphon resulting from heated water rising and causing a circular effect.
If the geyser is installed below the collector a solar pump is installed to create circulation.
We also recommend the installation of a timer to control the use of electrical back up where the latter is required in order to maximise the efficiency of the system.

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