Tasol solar specialises in solar geysers.  Our solar geyser technology has been in SA for a long time already.  Solar geysers comes in two main configurations:  Direct solar geyser systems and indirect solar geyser systems.

A direct solar geyser is one where the water is heated directly in the collector.  Our direct solar geysers work with evacuated tube solar geyser technology.  This means that there is no risk involved with the possibility of frost.

An indirect solar geyser is one where the water is heated indirectly by means of anti-freeze being heated by the sun, and indirectly transfer the heat to the water inside the indirect solar geyser.

A solar geyser is definitely an economical effective way to reduce your electricity consumption.  Solar geysers are quickly becoming more popular and common in South Africa.

Solar geysers in Pretoria are very effective, since we have ample sun.  Solar geysers in Pretoria should be configured in a frost resistant set-up, since Pretoria does get temperatures below 4C.  A direct frost resistant solar geyser is what you should consider.  The frost resistant solar geyser is also known as an evacuated tube solar geyser system.

Why use an evacuated tube solar geyser system?

         This solar geyser system works on radiation from the sun, resulting in better solar geyser effectivity even on cloudy days

         This solar geyser system is frost resistant

         This solar geyser system can be fitted directly onto an existing electrical geyser

o   Your existing geyser can be converted to a solar geyser at a very affordable cost

         The effectivity of the solar geyser system can be adjusted

         This solar geyser system has minimal maintenance

         There are many more reasons to use this solar geyser system, but these are the main advantages of the evacuated tube solar geyser system as opposed to the indirect flat panel system