Eskom rebates can also be known as Eskom subsidies.  An Eskom rebate is a subsidy paid by Eskom back to the client for removing electricity demand from the Eskom grid. 

Currently Tasol solar has various systems registered and accredited on the Eskom rebate program.  These Eskom rebate systems include conversion of existing geysers, complete new systems as well as low pressure systems.

An Eskom rebate is determined mainly as a percentage of the installed cost, usually in the region of 1/3rd the total installed expense.

The Eskom rebate claim process guide is submitted by us on behalf of the client to Deloitte auditors ? the Eskom rebate appointed auditors.  The Eskom rebate is paid back directly to the client, and takes approximately 8 weeks from the date on which the auditors receive the claim.

The Eskom rebate program has been introduced with the main focus to motivate consumers to switch over to alternative energy solutions.  The Eskom rebate program is currently only applicable to solar water heating, with the possibility to expand.

The Eskom rebate program has also recently appointed big amounts of money for bigger projects eg. boilers for hospitals, mines etc. 

Please contact us for more information regarding the Eskom rebate program.