A retrofit solar system refers to the conversion of an electrical geyser to a solar system.  A retrofit flange is usually fitted to a Kwikot geyser.  On other brands of geysers an injector is built-up. 

When an existing geyser is retrofitted, it is always done as a direct system by using an evacuated tube collector.  A retrofit of an existing geyser can be done to any existing electrical geyser, no matter the age or brand.  It is however important to evaluate the condition of your existing geyser before deciding to convert it.

When an existing geyser is converted to a solar system the electrical element is retained.  The electrical element of the existing geyser can be connected to a geyserwise or timer, to serve as a back-up.

The main benefit of converting an existing geyser to a solar system is that a saving on monthly electricity consumption can be achieved with a lower capital layout since it is not necessary to buy a new solar geyser.

With a retrofit of an existing geyser, the system is still an effective solar solution, which is an investment that will increase the property value without the higher expense associated with solar geysers.