Our geyserwise system can be described as a very advanced timer system.  The geyserwise acts mainly as a timer, but since the geyserwise is fitted with a digital thermostat it is more advanced than a normal timer.  On the geyserwise a window period is set during which the element will be allowed to be switched on if the temperature of the water inside the geyser is not at or above the set temperature.  This means that the geyserwise has two control factors:

a)      Timer

b)      Thermostat

The geyserwise also has many other functions.  Some of the geyserwise functions include scale build-up detection, element failure recognition with an error code, pump failure detection etc.

The geyserwise is easy to use and easy to set, seeing that the geyserwise control panel is a 4 button system.  The geyserwise control panel is fitted at a comfortable position on ground level inside the house.  This means that the geyserwise?s timer and digital thermostat temperatures can be easily set and maintained.

The geyserwise is probably one of the most effective geyser management devices to be developed.

A geyserwise is fitted standard to all our eskom accredited installations and optionally on non-eskom installations.

Please see the geyserwise brochure on this website.